Our Story

We are Freedom Candle Bar!

About the Owner:

I have always been fascinated with making candles and loved the elegance and ambiance that candles create.  I spent over six years in the candle industry conducting product research and development for one of the leading suppliers in the US.  Simultaneously I worked with manufacturers and candle business owners offering product and candle making expertise.

In 2021 I decided to take my love of teaching this trade craft and create a fun interactive experience.  With a leap of faith Freedom Candle Bar was born. 

We are a mobile "Candle Bar" where people have the opportunity to learn the basics of candle making and make their own candles in unique spaces where I can share my love and passion for creativity with everyone.

Our Philosophy:

We believe in atmospheres that facilitate a freedom to dream, to laugh, and to create.  This means breaking the barriers of conformity, and letting go of fear and judgement. 

It is our goal to provide an experience that mimics this philosophy and allows each person to learn something new and have fun doing it with the freedom to be themselves!

The Freedom Experience:

With our seasoned chandlers, who possess an in depth knowledge of candle making and the candle industry, each class or in-home event is structured to provide a unique educational experience.  Whether you are looking to learn something new, deepen your understanding, or just get together with friends, we have a class for you!

Welcome to our tribe, the journey has just begun!